Is your data outgrowing
your ELK Stack?

We understand. Scaling log data can quickly bring an ELK Stack to its knees.

ChaosSearch takes a revolutionary approach. We've completely re-engineered data indexing for hyper-efficiency, and store these indices in your AWS S3 account in a highly compressed state, yet still fully searchable and queryable.

With ChaosSearch now you can:

  • Leave all your data fully indexed in your AWS S3 bucket
  • Get lightning fast answers to all of your questions
  • All at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a legacy ELK Stack.
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Experience the power of Scalable ELK as a Service!

ChaosSearch is a brand new approach to Log Analytics. It’s a complete ELK stack delivered as a managed service without the cost, complexity or instability inherent in an Elasticsearch database. It’s based on a new indexing engine and distributed compute fabric running completely on your AWS S3 cloud storage. With integrated Kibana and all the API’s you need, ChaosSearch is a highly performant, scalable alternative to a legacy ELK Stack - with a TCO up to 80% less!

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