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Blackpoint Cyber Taps ChaosSearch to Improve ThreatOps and Drive Growth! Check out the video-->
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ChaosSearch Celebrates 2021 Milestones, Delivers on Promise to Activate Data Lakes

Product enhancements, award recognitions, and significant customer wins mark banner year for cloud data platform provider

BOSTON--()--Boston-based startup ChaosSearch celebrates significant milestones in 2021, marked by strategic platform innovations, the more than doubling of its headcount (including expanding into Europe), the acquisition of notable clients, and being recognized for its superior workplace culture. ChaosSearch is focused on making it easier for companies to store, access, and analyze vast amounts of data by eliminating upfront prep and turning cloud storage into an analytical lake.

The past two years have heightened the need for modern, cloud-native data lakes that don’t require data to be moved, pipelined, migrated, or transformed to be analyzed. In fact, ChaosSearch’s 2022 Cloud Data and Analytics Survey Report found that traditional data lake approaches are requiring too much data transformation to be useful. Additionally, 30% of respondents indicate that their end-user consumption/visualization tools aren’t directly connected to the lake, resulting in data duplication and data movement challenges that limit insights and time to value.

ChaosSearch has entered the data lake market to directly solve these pain points. In 2021, the company earned three patents signifying distinct innovations within the ChaosSearch product that deliver a new, better way to analyze large datasets. In addition to adding SQL support to the platform in May, ChaosSearch also delivered JSON FLEX®, a first-of-its-kind solution for analyzing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) log files. JSON FLEX empowers organizations to store all of their JSON content and analyze it as if structured, eliminating time-intensive data prep and driving faster access to crucial business insights. The company’s commitment to platform enhancements and driving user value have led clients including Digital River Inc., Equifax, Sixth Street, and Stride Inc. to adopt and in some cases expand their use of ChaosSearch in 2021.

“ChaosSearch has offered us a manageable and cost-effective opportunity to store months or even years of data that we can use for operations, as well as trending automation,” said Mark Hill, senior director of IT operations at Digital River Inc. “We're able to easily consolidate data from multiple regions into a single pane of glass for our customers. Internally and externally, ChaosSearch relieved us of that operational support for the data extract and transformation process. The platform also offered us a seamless transition for the users who were familiar with Elasticsearch.”

In addition to delivering new value-add platform capabilities to its customer base, ChaosSearch was also recognized for its innovation and commitment to employee success and growth in the second half of 2021. For example, the company was named “Most Likely to be the Next Boston Unicorn” in Startup Boston’s first-ever Community Awards—an award that recognizes the startup that is most likely to succeed. Additionally, ChaosSearch was named a Top Places to Work in Massachusetts in the 14th annual employee-based survey project from The Boston Globe, as well as one of the 50 Best Small Companies to Work for in Boston and one of the 22 Boston Startups to Watch in 2022 by Builtin Boston.

“We started 2021 with a simple vision: to prove the power of our platform by eliminating the cost and complexity associated with turning cloud data into analytical insights,” said Ed Walsh, CEO of ChaosSearch. “The strides we’ve made to deliver value to customers while attracting and retaining some of the top technology talent in the country have taken this vision to the next level. With the continued support of our investors and growing customer and employee base, we’ll continue to revolutionize the cloud data management market and unlock the power of analytics on cloud storage in 2022.”

ChaosSearch is actively hiring for engineering, marketing, and sales talent across the globe. To learn more, visit


About the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform

ChaosSearch is an ideal replacement for the commonly deployed Elasticsearch (ELK) stack. With ChaosSearch, customers can perform scalable log analytics on AWS S3 or GCS, using the familiar Elasticsearch API for queries, and Kibana for log analytics and visualizations, while reducing costs and improving analytical capabilities.


About ChaosSearch

ChaosSearch helps modern organizations Know Better® by activating the data lake for analytics. The ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform indexes customers’ cloud data, rendering it fully searchable and enabling analytics at scale with massive reductions of time, cost and complexity.

ChaosSearch was purpose-built for cost-effective, highly scalable analytics encompassing full text search, SQL and machine learning capabilities in one unified offering. The patented ChaosSearch technology instantly transforms your cloud object storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage) into a hot, analytical data lake.

The Boston-based company raised $40M Series B in December 2020 and is hiring to support its hyper growth. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ChaosSearch and LinkedIn.



Nicole Metro
V2 Communications for ChaosSearch