See How HubSpot Supercharged Their DDoS Defenses

And left their overwhelmed ELK Stack in the rearview mirror!
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Stephen Salinas, Engineering Lead at HubSpot

Dave Armlin, VP Solution Architecture at ChaosSearch

HubSpot’s powerful CMS Hub powers thousands of websites across the globe, and HubSpot utilizes Cloudflare to ensure optimal performance and security for their customers.
HubSpot protects its customers by using the Cloudflare log stream to triage and neutralize DDoS attacks in near real time. Since its early days, HubSpot internally managed an open-source ELK Stack to collect, route, and review its daily logs.
However, as HubSpot grew, the cost and complexity to expand and maintain their ELK Stack mounted. In addition to the high maintenance costs, scaling the ELK Stack to accommodate their ever-increasing Cloudflare log data volume, which is now >10TB / day, became difficult and costly. As a result, HubSpot was forced to limit its length of data retention to just five (5) days.
Clearly something needed to change.
During this interactive 30 minute presentation, you’ll learn:

  • The specific technical and logistical challenges that HubSpot faced in leveraging an ELK Stack in their environment.
  • The process HubSpot undertook to evaluate potential solutions to this massive challenge, including the pros/cons of the various options they considered.
  • The solution they landed on, including insights into why and how HubSpot now sits more future-proofed than ever before.

Join this webcast, and you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of what steps you should consider when faced with a log analysis approach that is no longer meeting your needs or your budget.

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