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Augment OpenSearch for Log Analytics at Scale

Augment OpenSearch for Log Analytics at Scale

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Reduce TCO by up to 80%

Analyze log data in place with unlimited data retention and up to 80% cost savings

Eliminate management complexity

Eliminate the need to add, deploy, and manage analytics hardware and software

Deliver performance and stability at scale

Achieve 99.99% log availability and dynamically scale OpenSearch clusters to meet demand

Better Price & Performance for Amazon OpenSearch

A true TCO of your OpenSearch usage must include the cost of administration and maintenance as well as difficult trade-offs for data retention. The unique ChaosSearch architecture and technologies consume far fewer resources - providing cost savings of up to 80%.

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80 Percent Cost Savings

ChaosSearch Data Platform

Simple Log File Management

Amazon OpenSearch requires internal FTEs to size infrastructure and manage unforeseen usage spikes that cause downtime. ChaosSearch’s fully managed service decouples storage and compute for independent, elastic scaling. Build complex data pipelines and schemas for every analytics use case without labor-intensive log infrastructure management.

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Index All Log Data As-Is

With ChaosSearch, there is no data movement, transformation, or schema management. The Chaos Refinery® cleans, prepares, and virtually transforms data directly in your Amazon S3.

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Analyze Data in Place


Goodbye to OpenSearch Dashboard

ChaosSearch features a built-in Kibana interface to ensure the same experience. Built on a scalable and flexible architecture, you can easily integrate with the popular APIs and tools you know and love to deliver a branded data service to your customers.

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Visualize Business Events

With their data growing daily, the cost of Revinate’s log analytics environment was rising while becoming increasingly unstable. With ChaosSearch, they now have a reliable platform to search through log files and visualize business events.

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Revinate Case Study


What is Amazon OpenSearch?

The OpenSearch project is an open-source fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana, a well-known search and analytics suite, often used for real-time application monitoring, log analytics, and enterprise search. Amazon OpenSearch Service (former Amazon Elasticsearch Service) is an AWS-managed service for OpenSearch.

How does OpenSearch work?

OpenSearch works by ingesting, searching, visualizing, and analyzing data. Users typically store data and search using the OpenSource search engine, and visualize their data through the OpenSearch Dashboards user interface. Users can extend the functionality of OpenSearch with a selection of plugins that enhance search, security, performance analysis, machine learning, and more.

Where does Amazon OpenSearch fall short?

Whether cloud infrastructure logs, container logs, security telemetry data, or network device logs, OpenSearch is bending and breaking under the weight of non-stop log data growth.

An OpenSearch cluster requires actively managing the underlying compute and storage infrastructure to meet log volume growth and growing demand from end users for more log data and faster queries on dynamic data sets.

How does ChaosSearch improve using OpenSearch for Log Analytics?

ChaosSearch empowers customers to Know Better™, activating the data lake for analytics. Unlike traditional log management, cloud management, and APM/observability tools, ChaosSearch indexes all log data in your cloud object storage, as-is, without the need for any data transformation or data movement.

ChaosSearch commonly augments the OpenSearch stack, yielding massive cost-performance improvements (up to 80% TCO savings), and making all your log data available without any data movement or behavior change needed from end users.

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