CHAOSSEARCH lets you centralize any type of data data in Amazon S3 buckets for analysis.

Log data comes in all shapes and sizes

Much of it is unstructured, messy, and in various formats, making it overwhelming to manage. Leverage the durable, cheap, and secure nature of Amazon S3 as a way to centralize your log and event data. Tie in the power of the CHAOSSEARCH platform where you can automatically organize, catalog, group, manage, and normalize data for further analysis.

CHAOSSEARCH enables you to organize and query all of your data within your S3 bucket.

Centralize, organize, and query terabytes of historical data

Automatically collect, organize, and standardize your log and event data for easy and cost-effective storage, retrieval, and analysis. Don’t worry about the cost or performance of your growing data. CHAOSSEARCH will manage it all at a cost that won’t break your budget. Automatically discover and normalize log data streamed into S3 from Logstash, AWS, or your application and make it available to search or query from the Elasticsearch API or Kibana. Stop spending hours collecting, organizing, and formatting log and event data from multiple locations. Simply stream your data into S3 and let CHAOSSEARCH do the rest — never move it again.

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Save hours collecting, organizing, and standardizing your log and event data with CHAOSSEARCH.

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