Smarter log management

Smarter log management

CHAOSSEARCH delivers a new, more powerful and cost-effective approach to log management. The CHAOSSEARCH service is an alternative to the ELK Stack, which eliminates the pain of log management and Elasticsearch management. Now you can store and search your data and, at the same time, free up engineering time to concentrate on driving business value, instead of battling the inherent complexity of Elasticsearch.

CHAOSSEARCH publishes Elasticsearch APIs, but we do not run any Elasticsearch software under the hood. CHAOSSEARCH is not an overlay or an add-on to Elasticsearch, but rather a full replacement of it. Only the API is the same. One huge benefit is that existing Elasticsearch users do not have to port their implementations. In other words, you get all of the power of CHAOSSEARCH without any heavy lifting.

Elasticsearch challenges

Elasticsearch challenges

Are you evaluating open source log management systems like ELK (Elasticsearch – Logstash – Kibana)? Many organizations choose to self manage their logging infrastructure. They opt for solutions like the ELK Stack and deploy these systems within their existing cloud providers’ infrastructures. While the software may be free, the cost to run and manage the infrastructure isn’t. There is always a cost to run any proprietary or open source software.

It’s easy to identify the hard costs of an open source software project, such as Amazon EC2, EBS, and network transfer fees. However, the human costs of deploying, managing, and scaling Elasticsearch clusters must also be considered.

Hunt, search, and visualize

Hunt, search, and visualize ALL your security and event log data in one place

With increasing emphasis on security and compliance, it is inevitable that your business will go through an audit, either by choice or at the demand of your customers. Be prepared. Use tools like Kibana to rapidly hunt for and identify security issues, breaches, and risky user behaviors. Leverage all the security and availability of Amazon S3 and get access to months and years of security and compliance logs.


Centralize and normalize your log and event data for analysis

Stop spending hours collecting, organizing, and formatting log and event data from multiple locations. Use standard log shippers to stream your log and event data to Amazon S3. CHAOSSEARCH will discover and create schemas automatically for your log data and make it available to search or query from the Elasticsearch API or Kibana. Based on a scalable distributed architecture, CHAOSSEARCH easily handles hundreds of TBs.

High performance at low cost

High performance at low cost

CHAOSSEARCH processes queries over large datasets in a fraction of the time of conventional self-hosted Elasticsearch-based solutions. Our new patented “Data Edge” file format uses advanced optimizations, including automatic worker clustering, which removes the headache of manually re-clustering and re-indexing when new data is loaded into Amazon S3. Combined with the capacity to scale up and down, automatically and on the fly, you get the exact performance you need, when you need it.

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