Cloud Log Analysis

Monitor the cloud environments that support your systems and applications
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Enhance visibility


Enhance visibility

Gain complete, end-to-end visibility into your cloud deployment using a unified solution for monitoring, troubleshooting and security.


Maximize productivity


Maximize productivity

Focus on building your cloud applications instead of on deploying and maintaining your monitoring and logging infrastructure.


Optimize costs


Optimize costs

Use a set of cloud analytics and optimization tools to reduce your overall monitoring expenses as your business grows.


Get Started In Minutes

With ChaosSearch you are up and running in minutes. Easily authenticate within your Amazon S3 and hit the ground running monitoring AWS logs from virtually any AWS service that is important to your business. Access prebuilt dashboards for a variety of AWS services. There’s no need to worry about adding new data sources - ChaosSearch provides out-of-the box easy to use integrations.

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ChaosSearch is proud to support and embed open standard Kibana and its alerting features. Monitor your AWS services directly from ELB to VPC Flow logs, setting thresholds and automating alerts and actions.


Unlimited Scalability

Data, particularly log data, is quickly eclipsing Moore’s law.  It’s growing faster than conventional systems can keep up. Growing data and ever expanding workloads are part and parcel of cloud-based environments. ChaosSearch is architected to automatically scale on the fly so you can build your cloud  applications and services without worrying about the underlying backend systems.

360 Degree Visibility Across Your Entire AWS Infrastructure

With ChaosSearch you have 100% visibility across your entire AWS cloud environment including CloudTrail, ELB, VPC Flow and Route53 logs. Capture detailed information about requests sent to your load balancer. Capture and log data about network traffic in your VPC.


Use The Tools You Know And Love

ChaosSearch supports popular ELK Stack APIs and integrates Kibana directly into the service.

Monitor your cloud deployment using the world’s most popular open source APIs without the headache and overhead to build, manage, scale and run a self-hosted Elasticsearch environment.

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ChaosSearch provides the functionality and performance we require to make critical decisions of our log data at a very attractive price.
Brian Harvell CTO at Agilence

Disruptive Price

The simple truth is, price matters. The ChaosSearch technologies and architecture allow us to pass along significant savings to our customers. In many cases we can cut your log analysis costs by 80%.

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