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Announcing Single Sign-On (SSO) Support for CHAOSSEARCH

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer Single Sign-On (SSO) support for ALL customers on the CHAOSSEARCH platform. You can now integrate your existing identity provider with CHAOSSEACH and have your users access the platform without needing to manage a separate set of credentials.

Over the past few years, more and more companies have been moving to centralize their user access to all the 3rd party SaaS services they consume into vendors such as Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, and others. Moving to an identity provider allows them to not only stay secure by centrally managing user access and permissions based on roles but also helps to improve the user experience for internal users. Users can log in one time to the SSO provider and click on the link to get directly logged into your application of choice. In the past, identity providers have been pretty standard to see at larger enterprises, but in recent years, more and more small and mid-sized companies are choosing to adopt them as well.

In short: SSO is a core security requirement for any company with more than five employees.

Rob Chahin –

The best part of this announcement is that CHAOSSEARCH is providing this feature to our customers at NO additional cost to them. As a former Technical Operator, I was always annoyed when I found an excellent SaaS service I wanted to use, but to get the SSO feature enabled, I would have to pay exorbitant amounts more for some “enterprise” plan. I’m not the only person annoyed by this — Rob Chahin created an SSO Wall of Shame. Some companies are choosing to charge multiples of their base pricing or forcing customers into Enterprise plans to get access to SSO.

You shouldn’t have to say “we take security seriously” for your customers to believe you, it should be clear from your actions. If you took security seriously, then you would decouple your security product features from the other parts of your product. Help your customers improve their security posture by making it extremely easy to use your product securely. We are excited to offer this feature and make it available to any of our customers that need it. Reach out to us today for a demo to learn more.

About the Author, Pete Cheslock

Pete Cheslock was the VP of Product for ChaosSearch, where he was brought on as one of the founding executives. In his role, Pete helped to define the go-to-market strategy and refine product direction for the initial ChaosSearch launch. To see what Pete’s up to now, connect with him on LinkedIn. More posts by Pete Cheslock