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Top Three Takeaways from AWS Summit Santa Clara

The AWS Summit in Santa Clara is the first of the North America events that Amazon runs all over the world. Yesterday, more than 5,000 attendees participated in workshops and attended sessions focused on new technologies and solutions that Amazon and the event sponsors like CHAOSSEARCH provide. We were thrilled to be sponsoring another AWS event. It's always a blast to talk with customers to understand their challenges and explain how CHAOSSEARCH can help them get access to months and years worth of log and event analytics.

The AWS Summit in Santa Clara

Here are the top three takeaways from the 2019 AWS Summit Santa Clara.

1. Amazon continues to build for the customer, letting them focus on the business.

One aspect of the AWS ecosystem of services is to offload the technically challenging part of building infrastructure to run your business to a trusted third party. During the keynote, Werner Vogels spent a good amount of time talking about all the different services and the flexibility that AWS services provide. We had similar conversations with customers: they no longer want to spend their expensive and sparse engineering resources building out core pieces of infrastructure to ultimately deploy their business logic to.

What customers want instead (and what Amazon builds for) is to focus on their business logic, building the software that is the true competitive advantage, and not wasting time running servers, scaling out distributed databases, or managing ever-growing data volumes. Their goal is to have customers focus on their business and not the underlying infrastructure that powers it all. It's why tools like Lambda and the whole serverless movement has exploded. Lambda allows engineers to abstract away a large amount of operational complexity and focus on the software.

2. Amazon continues to invest in and build technologies focused on the AI/ML space.

One of the big sections of the expo floor at the AWS Summit was the devoted to the AWS DeepRacer project. DeepRacer is a very cool way for engineers to get started with Machine Learning. The DeepRacer challenge pits teams of engineers against each other while they dive into machine learning to program their 1/18th scale race cars in a reinforcement learning, global racing series. They even have it tied into AWS Sagemaker giving engineers the ability to create new ML models to test with their race cars.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are both extremely hot areas of computer science and we had many great conversations with customers talking about how CHAOSSEARCH can help them store huge amounts of data on their own Amazon S3 that they can use to train their ML models in ways they were unable to before.

3. Customers are still struggling to find a way to solve search and analytics on their AWS S3 data.

We were fortunate to talk with hundreds of AWS customers on the expo floor. There were many common threads in the discussions — people are struggling to manage months and years worth of their log and event data. Many customers, upon seeing how we could help them reduce their Elasticsearch complexity, were very excited to learn that they could get access to years worth of log and event storage while still cutting the costs of their AWS storage bill. In the keynote, Werner Vogels talked about how Amazon S3 is the most popular choice for data lakes, and at CHAOSSEARCH we fully agree.

We made a bet that the future of data storage would be object storage like Amazon S3, and it's very exciting to see the continued validation that what we are building helps companies not only answer questions about their log and event data but can also drive business insights and analytics all on Amazon S3 without ever having to move data around into tools like Redshift or Elasticsearch.

Bonus Takeaway: During the keynote, Werner announced that Amazon Glacier Deep Archive is now generally available, and this is a huge leap forward in the storage of massive data volumes that Amazon provides for their customers. Now, using the power of Amazon Glacier Deep Archive, customers can index their data with CHAOSSEARCH and put their source data to Deep Archive for 1/4th of the price of Glacier. Since CHAOSSEARCH never needs to return to the source data after it's been indexed, customers can save even more money on their log and event storage by sending all their data to Deep Archive, and can recall that data should they ever need to respond to a legal request or compliance inquiry. Really awesome to see Amazon continue to innovate in storage.

We really enjoyed the opportunity to sponsor and attend this year's AWS Summit in Santa Clara. Amazon is such an amazing partner that continues to innovate at a rate that is almost unheard of in many other businesses. If you didn't have a chance to stop by and chat with us at the event, but want to learn more about how we can help your business store more data and reduce your Elasticsearch cost and complexity, contact us. We'd love to hop on a call and show you what we are building.

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About the Author, Pete Cheslock

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