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Webcast: Is your Log Data Growth Too Much for Elasticsearch?


Information and insight gathered from data delivers tremendous value. But data isn’t helpful if you’re drowning in it! For a while, three open source projects, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (together known as the ELK Stack), were touted as the fastest and most cost-efficient approach to managing log and event data. Now, as companies require insight from ever-growing depths of log and event data, Elasticsearch is hitting its limits, and customers are suffering from unexpected infrastructure and human capital costs.

Nonetheless, companies need more data and more insight. This demand presented a real challenge for Jitterbit, the API transformation company. In a recent webcast, our CSO Tom O’Connell and Microsoft MVP Server StorageIO, Greg Schultz, sat down with Betsy Bilhorn, former Senior VP Products at Jitterbit, to discuss their challenges with meeting customer demands due to database limitations. In the webcast, Betsy walked us through the issues Jitterbit faced, the search for a product to meet these needs, and how Jitterbit found a solution in CHAOSSEARCH

Some highlights from the webcast include:

  • Bilhorn’s explanation of changing customer expectations: customers were demanding robust analytics and value of their log data - all as part of the Jitterbit product
  • The three challenges Jitterbit faced when searching for a solution that combined search, query, and visualization
  • Jitterbit’s journey through several solutions before finding the right fit with CHAOSSEARCH
  • How and why Jitterbit hit the “Elasticsearch Wall” early in their implementation

Fortunately, Bilhorn was soon introduced to CHAOSSEARCH. Unlike Elasticsearch-based solutions, CHAOSSEARCH allowed Jitterbit to leverage their existing AWS S3 infrastructure to perform search and analytics in place. Bilhorn reported that with unlimited data retention and no data movement -- and at roughly half the cost of what their ELK stack would have been -- CHAOSSEARCH delivered as promised, and Jitterbit “has been extremely pleased with the results.”

Be sure to listen to Jitterbit’s business challenges, where Betsy Bilhorn shared lessons gleaned during Jitterbit’s search for the perfect log and event data search analytics platform.

Is your company’s data growth stretching Elasticsearch past its limits? If Jitterbit’s challenges sound familiar, visit our website to see how CHAOSSEARCH can help.

About the Author, Matt Benati

Matt Benati was the Chief Marketing Officer for ChaosSearch, where he helped to build out brand, demand gen and other marketing functions for the company. To see what Matt’s up to now, connect with him on LinkedIn. More posts by Matt Benati