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AWS Twitch Series Webcast | CHAOSSEARCH

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Yesterday, Thomas and I had the opportunity to sit down with AM and Nicki from the AWS Twitch series, Build with AM & Nicki. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it’s definitely a must watch for all things AWS, with a high focus on the different services you can leverage to build products or applications for your business.

XFlags, the fictional theme park created by Nicki and AM over the course of this season’s episodes, has continued to grow and in this episode we walked through streaming data into an AWS S3 bucket. In their case they had installed the Kinesis agent to ship log data to the Kinesis stream which would then output logs into the S3 bucket of choice. Nicki and AM pondered over what to do with all these wonderful logs being shipped to S3 and how to extract value from those logs... enter CHAOSSEARCH.

Sticking to the theme-park concept, we covered an unconventional data set, Austin Weather data 2013-2017. We provided guidance on the best days to run promotions -- or even increase prices -- based on the weather forecast data we indexed with the CHAOSSEARCH platform. The simplicity of using CHAOSSEARCH was on full display, particularly how you can quickly go from raw data to insights with a massive data set (4 years worth of data in this case), no cluster to manage, and no resources to allocate. Simply get logs to S3 and let CHAOSSEARCH handle the rest.

As we continued talking, we explored everything from S3 to theme parks -- including logging, data streaming, and ideal petting zoo animals. We also discussed how CHAOSSEARCH natively works with the Kubernetes logs streaming into the S3 bucket, which can get big quickly.

It was a great experience, to say the least, and we’re definitely looking forward to joining AM and Nicki again next season, maybe even highlighting our multi-model approach and tackling biz-ops with our new SQL interface!

Check out Kevin and Thomas on the Build with AM & Nicki show here.

About the Author, Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis was a senior director of Sales Engineering at ChaosSearch, where he helped customers activate their data lakes for search and analytics of log data. To see what Kevin’s up to now, connect with him on LinkedIn. More posts by Kevin Davis