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The State of AWS S3 Object Storage

The growth in Amazon S3 object storage has surprised everyone and is now the preferred platform for collecting, analyzing, and archiving today’s growing mountain of diverse and disjointed data. With its simple, elastic, and cost-efficient characteristics, object storage is fostering new trends in data lake architectures and business intelligence.

AWS S3 Data Lake

Today, CHAOSSEARCH has released a new report on the State of Object Storage and the massive growth of AWS S3 for long-term business analytics, application, and media hosting.

After surveying more than 120 professionals from data science, analytics, engineering, and DevOps/IT professionals from across industries, the report has found that more than 70 percent of companies are using AWS S3 object storage today and bringing innovation to the way they store, access, and analyze their most valuable data.

Additionally, more than one-third of respondents are also looking to object storage to streamline and enable data lake usage for historical trend analysis and machine learning.

What we found most interesting were the top barriers that make using S3 hard — and can slow down the ability to access, analyze, and scale the valuable data living in S3. Most notably, many organizations need to move their data out of S3 to another system in order to process and analyze it.

AWS S3 Challenges

“SaaS businesses building on AWS are a driving force behind a fast-growing subscription economy,” said Thomas Hazel, Founder and CTO of CHAOSSEARCH. “These businesses are generating a mountain of log and event data and see S3 as a foundational platform for hosting cost-effective, next-generation analytic solutions.”

Download the complete S3 Object Storage report here!

And check out to learn more about how you can easily and cost-effectively store, organize, manage, and analyze your data without ever moving it from your long-term AWS S3 instance.

About the Author, Les Yetton

Les Yetton was a co-Founder and CEO of ChaosSearch, where he helped drive the company from its early bootstrap days to multiple early investment rounds. To see what Les is up to now, connect with him on LinkedIn. More posts by Les Yetton